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A framework for Internet of Things

Internet of Things technologies connect "Things" and the things are getting smarter based on the connection. However there are still some barriers that each devices require its own application and/or services.

IoT.js aims to provide inter-operable service platform in the world of IoT, based on web technology. The target of IoT.js is to run in resource constrained devices such as only few kilobytes of RAM available device. Thus it will supports very wide range of "Things".

IoT.js is just taking the first steps and would like to get together with developers who has interests on our goal.

To learn more, please visit the project on Github.

If you want to try IoT.js, take a look at our documentation. It includes Getting Started guides and the IoT.js APIs reference.

If you want to jump into the project, Getting Involved guides will help you.

Please, report all bugs and feature requests on IoT.js issue tracker. Feel free to ask questions on issue tracker.